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One World Forever was a thought by Dr. Kedar Padte who realized his motive of being born on this planet and he took the
decision to act upon his thought. Here is his message to convince us to look at the World the way it actually is… Know More

We Dream of One World.. Do You Dream about it too?


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Plant and Grow a Tree

As the World’s forests disappear day by day, we who think alike, have no choice but to plant a tree every day, every week, every month, or every year for the next. Our core team is already connected to the various agriculturists around the world, you would just need to contact the nearest “One World Forever” office in your locality and take the saplings.

Spend Time with the Children

Children are the future of our World. If they are convinced with the right message, we can be sure that they will keep this planet in a healthy state. If you have got the message and the knowledge to convey the right thoughts to the children, go ahead and do it. Our Unit Team will support you all the way.

Spread the Word

By helping us spread the word, you can support our advocacy and improve life on this planet. Post your positive thoughts on our blogs / social media pages, wear our t-shirts with the messages, wear our badges, host events, and do everything that conveys the people to live as one.

Spread Smiles

Be a friend for those who don’t understand the concept, explain them. Explain them in their own language using your time and talent. It is much appreciated by us if you even discuss this concept with your network. Hand in Hand, we can make this world a better place, one step at a time.

Help Eradicate Borders

If you have the connections, or ideas, or dialogues or anything at a macro level, which could possibly get two separate blocks together, do it, One World Forever is with you in your journey. Approach us with your ideas, we will back you up .


You can also contribute towards supporting the planet. Funds raised through this organization only go towards the benefit of the planet (environment, nature, and betterment of people). You may click here to donate funds to us.

Do you belong here ?

Help the World to Become One

One World Goa is a group of professionals that includes doctors, chartered accountants, lawyers, and engineers, coming together to form a small organization, in which all are invited irrespective of profession, social status, political affiliation, abnormalities, education - status, caste, creed or religion. If you have the same thoughts that we have been trying to convey to the world, you are by default a member of this organization. Visit us at our office and see what more you can do to make this world a better place. Read More
Each step that we take, every single day, is a reason for us to either get together or divide ourselves from others. It's up to us to choose, whether to join hands and be one or to draw lines and separate. Look around yourself and feel the difference in staying in your territories, can you explore the maximum? Look at the birds, they fly everywhere they wish to, look at the Sun, it does not shine based on the borders, Look at the rains, they sprinkle themselves everywhere. The World needs you, are you ready to help it as yet? Read More
Our Vision.. for a Happier World … a World without Borders !
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One World - World Without Borders

Book written by Dr Kedar Padte

What you are about to read is likely to happen only if there is a mutational
change of internal unity, peace and love in the youth of yesteryear, the
newborns of today and the future life embryos (not yet conceived) that
will lead to the enlightened path of ONE WORLD.

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We continually experiment. We fail quickly and productively. We use data and feedback to guide our course.

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One World – World Without Borders
Book written by Dr Kedar Padte